Much of our work is restoration:
Alfa Romeo Restoration #01

Above is a GTC having just returned from being blasted using plastic media rather than shot or sand which can buckle the panels. The car is then treated with a zinc phosphate wash before being primed. The restoration workshop is de-humidified.

Most restoration work is carried out in-house including engine rebuilds (to standard or modified spec), mechanical & electrical overhauls & much of the interior trimming. However over the years we have built up a fantastic network for out-sourcing some of the more specialised aspects - local specialists include a screen fitter, a superb trimmer, a radiator reconditioner, a bodyshell blaster, an electrical component reconditioner, a powder-coater, a brightwork polisher and a mobile diagnostics expert, while gearboxes and axles are entrusted to the UK's top Alfa transmission specialist. This means that all aspects of a restoration can be dealt with under one roof, using the highest quality artisans, carefully selected over the last 20 years.

Where repair panels aren't available we fabricate in-house. Here a fuel tank support lip (often rusted out on these cars) is being made on the shrinker/ stretcher:
Alfa Romeo Restoration #02

Alfa Romeo Restoration #03A chassis tilter is used to get access to the underside of cars - here a coupe has already had new floor pans fitted:

A 1965 Giulia Ti Getting stripped before restoration:

Alfa Romeo Restoration #04

The obligatory sill repairs being carried out on a Sprint GT:
Alfa Romeo Restoration #05

Rear arch replaced - the correct deep arch of the early cars is fitted:

Alfa Romeo Restoration #06

Here a Spider is having new middle sills fitted - it's crucial that the door aperture is braced during this operation to prevent the bodyshell flexing:
Alfa Romeo Restoration #07

The underside of a freshly restored 1750 GTV . All steering & suspension components are new or powder-coated & a stainless steel sports exhaust system is fitted.
Alfa Romeo Restoration #08

The final result is well worth the wait:-
Alfa Romeo Restoration #09

My own 1750 Mk1: August 2008. After 10 years restoration, finally ready for the road again - (just inner headlamp bezels & splash guards to fit) repainted in grigio medio metallizato and fitted with 6 x 14" GTA alloys:

Alfa Romeo Restoration #10

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